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    Volunteering helps others, but it can help you too. If you're upset by an event—such as a hurricane or other disaster—doing something about it can be a great way to deal with your feelings.

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    Free consultancy for health issues. Book your appointment with us. Our main aim is to make you free from consultancy charges and heal you completely. No Hidden Charges. To book your appointment call us at : +919929908432

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    No amount is small, we are on the ground and need your support. Support for the mental and physical health of people. Donate to needy homeless and helpless people today! The gift of education is the best gift you can give, Support child education. Transparency guaranteed. Help India.

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    Vivan Seva Sansthan : Lakwa Ghar provides shelter, food, and medical support to financially challenged patients. The only place where you can get free food, shelter and medical support with dignity for prolonged period of time, without any question asked.

What we do

We have selected the following problems


This world sight day, we can change the way the world sees. Let's bring a change. in someone's life, and let them soak into the joy of happiness. Donate Now!

Food & Nutrition

We cannot solve poverty without solving malnutrition. Improving nutrition is one of the most effective forms of development aid.


Education is both a means and an end to a better life; It means, as it empowers a person to earn and end their livelihood as it raises awareness on many issues ranging from health care to proper social behavior to understanding their rights and in the process of becoming a better citizen.


To save the environment means to save the structure of the earth as much as possible. It means to save or preserve natural resources, plant life, animal life, birdlife, minerals, ice caps on poles, freshwater, etc.

About Us

Your support can help us a lot

The prime motto of trust is Health Welfare.  We will be providing all types of aid, whether it is financial, medical, physical, or mental, to any individual, group of individuals, or organization. Our government carries out development at the mass level, which develops the society that welfares the country as a whole, but what about the individuals or the small organization, who seeks help. So in order to fill that void, which is a prime issue in the path of development, we would be focusing on that.
We will be analyzing and optimizing their talent, their vision, at the grassroots levels, by assisting them in all ways possible. We will also be promoting small charitable activities, at grass root levels in India.
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